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The Andy Griffith Show is an American sitcom first televised by CBS between October 3, 1960, and April 1, 1968. Andy Griffith portrays a widowed sheriff in the fictional small community of Mayberry, North Carolina. His life is complicated by an inept, but well-meaning deputy, Barney Fife (Don Knotts), a spinster aunt and housekeeper, Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier), and a young son, Opie (Ron Howard). Local ne'er-do-wells, bumbling pals, and temperamental girlfriends further complicate his life.
The series was a major hit, never placing lower than seventh in the Nielsen ratings and ending its final season at number one. It has been ranked by TV Guide as the 9th-best show in television history. Though neither Griffith nor the show won awards during its eight-season run, series co-stars Knotts and Bavier accumulated a combined total of six Emmy Awards. The show, a semi-spin-off from an episode of The Danny Thomas Show titled "Danny Meets Andy Griffith", spawned its own spin-off series, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (1964), a sequel series, Mayberry R.F.D. (1968), and a reunion telemovie, Return to Mayberry (1986). The show's enduring popularity has generated a good deal of show-related merchandise. Reruns currently air across the United States, and the complete series is available on DVD. All eight seasons are also now available by streaming video services such as Netflix.
Im selling an old prop from the show, A Vintage Perculator Coffeepot,about 7 inches high.Come with COA from The Great American Prop And Wardrobe Company that housed onr of the biggest collection of props.

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Andy Griffith Show Prop
Sanctuary Series Prop The FOSSS used by Amanda Tapping and Ryan Robbins
Sanctuary Series Prop The FOSSS used by Amanda Tapping and Ryan Robbins
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