Tv Props,the Rifleman, Notary Stamp


  Here is a  TV prop from the  TV series,"The Rifleman"  starring Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford and Paul Fix. This is the heavy metal notary stamp that was used as a prop on the show in many episodes. One of two or three that can be seen on Micah's desk quite often and also in other scenes in different places.  It is  in used original condition  just as I recieved it almost 34 years ago. I acquired this piece at a prop sale in Van Nuys, California in the summer of 1977  and it comes with a note from the set designer. Paypal and  buyer pays shipping of $10.40  to the lower 48.  Thank you & Good Luck! 

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Tv Props,the Rifleman, Notary Stamp
Stargate SG 1 Replicator Block Prop Set
Stargate SG 1 Replicator Block Prop Set
Paypal   US $56.00

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